Development trend of hairdressing industry  

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By Serina | 16 June 2020 | 0 Comments

Development trend of hairdressing industry  

Development trend of hairdressing industry
Promote and implement the chain management concept in the beauty industry, provide high-quality products and services, and establish a good operation process.
More meta services
In the future, the management direction of beauty industry should not be limited to a specific scope, but should be diversified, so that customers can meet various needs in the store, convenient and time-saving, in line with the modern efficient and fast consumption demand.
Integrating business, leisure and image design into the beauty industry is a new feature of the development of large enterprises. After cosmetology, we can accept special image design and make ourselves more beautiful and colorful. This all inclusive, diversified beauty salon, with a comprehensive business service strategy, will be able to stand out in the competitive market.
Large scale chain operation
At present, China's beauty market is still in the stage of non-standard and immature development, lack of industry management, disordered competition and uneven quality of practitioners. The convergence of many factors makes it difficult for the whole industry to achieve a certain degree of reputation in the society, and it is also difficult for sustainable operation, large-scale operation and brand penetration.
Therefore, it is imperative to promote and implement the chain management concept, provide high-quality products and services, establish a good operation process, and form a good reputation in the beauty industry. Chain operation will be the mainstream of future development. Chain operation has a strong vitality and rapid driving force. Large chain stores are superior to small beauty salons in terms of scale, organization, financial resources, personnel, etc.
In some large and medium-sized cities, chain operation has become the trend of industry development. At present, the development of chain operation has become a major feature of the development of the industry.
Specialization, personalization and high added value
Some smaller stores will move towards specialization and personalization. In the past, the vast majority of stores were comprehensive business stores, accounting for about 90%. Now, the number of integrated stores has been reduced to 80%. This data shows the growth trend of specialty stores.
With the popularization of professional beauty shops, the professional services of beauty have been better refined, such as professional beauty, professional hairdressing or professional manicure and so on. The technical and service characteristics of each specialty are different, so it is easier to formulate its own professional details. It will be a magic weapon for small-scale professional stores to win the market and customers by integrating warm layout and humanized service into the construction of corporate culture.

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